About this website!

This website was developed and is operated for the purpose of sharing information and knowledge on speech and language therapy and activities related to speech and language therapy in Vietnam, mainly related to training, professional development and services in speech and language therapy.

This website also shares articles, documents, videos….in English and/or Vietnamese from different sources for the purpose of providing references in speech and language therapy field. The originality of the original documents is so respected that edit and adjustment to the documents is rarely done. Therefore, if readers do not agree with some of the terms/information/techniques/methods/images…mentioned in any of the posts on this website, their comments should be sent to the website administrators and the website administrators will contact the authors for their feedback (if possible).

This website was developed and is operated as an activity of the “Development of Speech and Language Therapy Education in Vietnam” by MCNV as a component under the DISTINCT project by VietHealth, funded by USAID.

This website is not for commercial and profit purposes.